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Dr. Shavelson

  • Former Chief of Podiatry at Beth Israel Medical Center-Mount Sinai Health Care System, NYC

  • Voted Top 75 Most Innovative Podiatrists 2012-present

  • Certified Health Coach

  • Biomechanics, Orthotics & Human Movement Expert

  • U.S. Patented Inventor of Proprietary Foot Typing System®, Corrective Foot Pads, Dynamic Foot Inserts™, Stabili-T-Taping™ and Foot Centering Technology & Training®

  • Well Published Evidence Informed Human Movement Practitioner

  • Practicing Cybernated in NYC, Exclusively at Knosis Physiotherapy & Wellness with Dr. Tracey Vincel

As the Medical Director of The Foot Typing Center @ KNOSIS, Dr Shav consults, mentors, educates, practices and researches The Foot Centering Theory of Structure & Function which is radically transforming the diagnosis and treatment of human movement and biomechanics to improve the stability, support, strength, symmetry and balance of every “From the Ground Up”.


Operating virtually from Florida he will continue to perform his “Movement Makeovers” upon New Yorkers who wish to remain youthful, active and injury, deformity and degeneration free with less pain and suffering.


Call 212-906-4440 to schedule your consultation with Dr Shav or for a 5 minute courtesy consultation before scheduling.

If you or other family members have a history of knee problems, back issues, foot problems, performance issues and a desire to collect stamps or phish instead of to play ball or run, look into the possibility that your children have inherited a "Broken BioKickstand" that can be repaired without surgery if caught early enough.

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