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KNOSIS Physiotherapy & Wellness is now offering telehealth sessions.


You may be wondering “what is a telehealth session?

Or “is it as effective as an in-person physical therapy session?” We’re here to answer all your questions whether you are a current patient or if you are a new patient who requires care for an injury or a plan to prevent injury.


A telehealth session is a physical therapy session provided through an electronic device including a laptop, phone, or iPad in a video format that you can do within the comfort of your own home.


During the session, your PT will ask you specific questions, so he or she can obtain a strong understanding of both your symptoms and your goals with physical therapy.


Next, your PT will assess your movement using a specific functional task that is meaningful to you- and that can range from standing up from a chair, going down stairs, walking, During your functional task assessment, we will see if we can reproduce your pain. Typically, the pain will be caused by an area that is moving “too much” or not being controlled well by certain muscle groups.


We can retrain the muscular control or strength in that area to prevent that excessive movement through exercise.

At the conclusion of your session, we will have you perform that functional task again to confirm that your symptoms have diminished 

Through weekly telehealth sessions, your physical therapist can progress your plan of care in order for you to ultimately reach your goals.


And if you were still wondering “is this really just as effective as an in-person session?”, the answer is YES! Research shows that a physical therapy session through telehealth can be just as effective as an in-person session.

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